CJAD’s The Exchange January 15th 2014

Leaving Quebec’s Janik talks to Dan Delmar and Beryl Wajsman of the Suburban about the charter and it’s impact on Quebec emigration.

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CJAD – Viewpoints 

Todd Van Der Hayden

February 11th 2013

Be honest – how many times have you threatened to quit Quebec and go somewhere else?

Though we have many assets in this province – poutine, festivals, the Habs – the political climate, the dragging economy and the state of our infrastructure is enough to make anyone want to call it quits.

And that’s what Janik Litalien and Julie Lesage did. The two ex-pats have maintained a hub of info and support for those looking to move at the website Quitter le Québec (founded in 2005).

And now, they have just launched an English counterpart, Leaving Quebec.

We reached Janik in Hong Kong to discuss what exodus means for La Belle Province and for those leaving it.

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