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With provincial elections right around the corner and very possible Parti Québécois majority, give to your business visibility with thousands of anglophone and francophone Quebecers both in Quebec and abroad who have either left or are preparing to do so.

For nearly 9 years now, the and platforms provide top visibility for current and upcoming Quebec expats with over 10,000 monthly visits by people looking to leave Quebec.



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Most people looking to get out of Quebec visit our websites and no other platform provides you with as much visibility as Quitter Le Québec / Leaving

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No other media in the Quebec emigration category compares to our platform

LQ / QLQ, is not only websites, advertising with us gives you access to the following tools:

  • Optimized banners on the main and secondary pages of our sites
  • Ads and presentations in our newsletters
  • Product-dedicated newsletters
  • Custom page for your services on our main sites that are optimize so that they are found in the first pages of search engines.
  • Showcasing of your services within our private social network along with our Facebook and Twitter networks
  • Exclusive advertising rights throughout our platform: we only select one service provider in any given field so you have no competition from any similar services provider
  • Webinar option for the presentation of your services
  • French/English support (translation etc..) for your advertising
  • Got any ideas to promote your product on our website? Let us know: we’re open to any new idea to make your business shine!

The demographics of our target audience is composed of qualified, educated and hardworking people looking to relocate outside Quebec. Advertising with us connects you with an audience whose economic profile is usually improving and which you can potentially retain for many years.

We are looking for partners and advertisers more particularly in the following areas:

  • Movers (Interprovincial and overseas)
  • American immigration lawyer
  • Financial planners (Retirement, wealth managers, etc.)
  • Individual and business tax experts (Canada, USA, abroad)
  • Recruiters, headhunters (Out-of province and abroad)
  • Real estate agents for Ontario (GTA only), Alberta and any other Canadian province, Florida and others.

For more info, contact us today at and we’ll get in touch with you without further delay.