The right to choose

When you pay for a product or for a service, it makes you a customer.

Your money allows the merchant or service provider to grow and continue to operate in the economy.

When you pay your taxes, your money allows the government infrastructures in your country to continue to operate and grow …

Does that not make you the client of that country?

When the merchant in our example sets hiss prices too high, that the choices he makes or the way he conducts his business displeases his customers, they always have the option of encouraging another merchant they like…to make a long story short, go always have the option of shopping elsewhere.

As a customer, are you forced to buy from a particular vendor?

Why should it be any different in a country’s case?

If a merchant or a private business treated you like your government does, would you continue to give them your patronage?

Do you remember when there was only one telephone service provider? You had no choice but to pay and you were at their mercy?

What happened when the market opened up?

Now, thanks to QLQ, you are able to see how other provinces and other countries operate in short, that their government provides to its customers.

We now live in an era where the market of countries and of their governments is now open to all

Never forget that you are a client.

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