Hugh Sutherland

My little story is as follows. I’m Scots, fully bilingual and spent 42 years around St Lambert. I was a school principal in that area for 22 years, and retired in ’97. I spend my winters in S. Carolina.

So I come back from there on April 2 , 2010, and go out to buy some grocery items. I drive down Victoria, St Lambert’s main drag and come past a favourite little restaurant, The Canada Drive -In, there since 19oatcake

And the name has been taped over, nobbled by our language police

I get home and say to my wife “Je m’en calisse! We’re outta here.

She agreed, and by June 11 we were in Brockville Ontario. So, ten grand a year less in taxes, no stupid 30km limits, ardently pursued by blue uniforms with guns, no silly petty nonsense about language, and believe me, I have spent a lot of time in France, and even they laugh about it all.

I golf , at 70, now, at the Brockville Country Club, which is full of “refugees” like me.

Enjoying peace and quiet now


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