Leaving for the ROC

Moving Expenses

When moving within Canada, when changing province, there are some expenses that can be tax-deductible. Here is an excerpt from the CRA tax regulation regarding moving expenses “If an individual changes residences in Canada because of starting to carry on a business or to be employed at a new location, amounts paid for “eligible moving expenses” (see ¶s 12 to 17 below) incurred in moving from the old residence to the new residence may be deducted.” However, the move must result in the taxpayer living at least 40 kilometres closer to the new

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Tools & Resources

“You’ve taken your first step into a larger world”- Obi-Wan Kenobi You’ve decided to leave Quebec, if see this till the end, congratulations. It you’re reading this, you probably already know where you want to go. However, you should not go at it blindly but prepare the details of your move. WiQLQ sections are here to help you in this process and are the summarized experiences of others who have already left. If you have information that can improve these guides, please let us know at admin@leavingquebec.com