Moving Expenses

When moving within Canada, when changing province, there are some expenses that can be tax-deductible. Here is an excerpt from the CRA tax regulation regarding moving expenses

“If an individual changes residences in Canada because of starting to carry on a business or to be employed at a new location, amounts paid for “eligible moving expenses” (see ¶s 12 to 17 below) incurred in moving from the old residence to the new residence may be deducted.”

However, the move must result in the taxpayer living at least 40 kilometres closer to the new work or business location”

It’s important to keep all the invoices and bills of your moving for your next tax return. Keep them in a folder or envelope while taking care of keeping dates and reasons for each bill… If a U-Haul invoice speaks for itself, the bill for that windshield-washer fluid bought on the road may be harder to track a few week or months later .

A few tricks may be used such as taking notes on the backside of the bills or using software such as Xpenser that allows you to compile receipts and expenses in a practical manner For more info on moving expense deductions, here is the link to the CRA website regarding this:

IT178R3-CONSOLID Moving expenses

Here is the T1-M moving expenses form   t1-m-12e.pdf

Please be advised the LQ is not a taxation expert and we strongly recommend that you refer to the CRA website for the most up to date and accurate tax info. We assume no liability on conflicting info between these pages and the CRA site. Should you find any discrepancy, please notify  us and we will update the info.

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