Studying outside Quebec

“Travel broadens the mind” or so the old saying puts it… so, if you are younger or even if you’re still in school, studying outside Quebec is a choice that is available to you. You will then be able to see if you want to remain in Quebec or head off elsewhere once you graduate.

To do so, several possibilities exist:

1 – The Government of Québec offers several options for those wishing to study beyond the province.

Étudier hors Québec: Ministère de l’Education

2 – The Canada World Youth (CWY) program leads globally in the development of international educational programs for youth of age 15 to 35. CWY aims to enrich the lives of the youth wishing to become informed and active citizens of the world. CWY programs are designed to help young people discover the world, other cultures and other Canadian communities for themselves all the while developing leadership skills and communication skills.



We are always on the lookout for various programs and opportunities for people wishing to leave Quebec if you know any other incentives of this type, please don’t hesitate to let us know via